Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept revealed: a rugged ‘vision of leisure’


The Citroen Ami is quirky enough in standard trim, but the brand has revealed one of many wackier versions that could reach showrooms in the future: meet the My Ami Buggy Concept, a toughened-up, all-terrain variant of the electric quadricycle.

With the Buggy Concept, the Ami has been re-engineered to conquer challenging terrain, and it certainly looks far more serious. A set of chunky off-road tyres jut out from plastic wheelarch extensions, and the panoramic sunroof has been fitted with a spare wheel and an LED light bar for late night off-road excursions. Protectors for the front and rear lights have been added, too. 

There are also sidebars to shield the sills from rocks and obstacles, and a roof cap has been fitted above the windscreen to shade passengers from the sun. Citroen has even fitted the Ami Buggy with a front bull bar, attached directly to its tubular chassis.

The exterior is finished in khaki green with matt black detailing, with a bright Citric yellow hue picking out the doors and interior. Inside, the Ami features Advanced Comfort seat cushions, with double the amount of padding as the standard Ami for increased comfort over rough surfaces. Numerous storage areas in the cabin can be entirely removed from the car for a ‘picnic or an outing’, says Citroen – there’s a small bag that attaches magnetically to the steering wheel, another bag that mounts below the dashboard and an on-board suitcase. 

The Buggy Concept also features bins for storing items on the dashboard – objects are secured by a matt gold storage rack above this. There are numerous 3D-printed accessories inside, too, such as a camera mount that can be attached in four different places inside the cabin, and a smartphone holder positioned next to the driver. Citroen has also included a mount to secure a speaker onto the dashboard.

The French marque hasn’t revealed whether the My Ami Buggy Concept will reach production, but it does say that it ‘illustrates one of the many faces that could be developed for the Ami’, suggesting that more variants like this could be on the horizon. 

Do you prefer the Citroen Ami with or without the off-road add-ons? Let us know in the comments…


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